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Let’s get it started in here….

29 Apr

I might as well start out with something controversial. Here’s something that has been ringing in my soul for a while. I think it derails so many into religion instead of the much harder (and infinitely more rewarding) relationship of love and trust with God. I invite comments, dialogue, discussion, and even righteous attacks. Here is the thought: “once saved always saved” is an attempt at religious magic, and a fundamental misunderstanding of salvation. And that is a quote from-me. It is based in having been schooled in a “once saved always saved” tradition, having measured that against an open hearted and thoughtful exploration of the teaching of Jesus and all supporting scripture, and the experience of having tried that brand of religion and having it fail me as utterly as I failed at it. Sally forth all ye interested-or highly offended-or just plain curious.
Steve Stone