17 May

What a joy it was to feast on the love at Heartsong’s 12th anniversary! The morning worship was deep, and caught up the whole tribe in a raucous celebration of thanksgiving to the Lord for this precious gift to each of us-and to as many as we can reach. More than I have in several years, I felt the movement of the Holy Spirit calling us into true partnership with him taking root in the flock. Those who we being called to not only attend the Heartsong ongoing party, but to step up and take their responsibility to be among those throwing the party-did. It felt like a big turning point in the maturing of this tribe.
And the party last night was incredible. Words cannot describe the laughter and playfulness and good will and genuine affection that saturated the celebration center. Jesus was definitely in the house! Michelle gave the band a moving and well deserved thanks for all they do. Some who see them up front tend to think of them as hired guns, but they don’t realize the sacrifices they all make in time, energy, creativity and resources to show up for the paltry sum we pay them. The food was great, the skits were hilarious, the games a hoot, the trivia-educational-especially about my tatoos (yes, I do have three, but not the three Tony Goodwin said I have), and the fellowship-outstanding. And Tony Goodwin has grown from shy kid to skilled leader-one of the finest examples of what Heartsong can do with children and youth over a long haul!
What we have here together is something a whole lot of people cannot live without. They may exist, but they are waiting for the Heartsong faithful to help them find their way into this great hearted tribe for them to meet their Lord and find the love, joy, peace, and hope that will loose their heartsongs on this world. Keep your eyes peeled, Heartsong faithful, for those in your sphere of influence whom the Lord will nudge you to invite. And then, by God-do!
As I said in the message yesterday on taking the point, “Do you realize who we could be for Christ’s sake if we moved covenant living to the front burner of our lives? He does.”


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