Lost-No More

24 May

Wow! Was I ever surprised by the ending of Lost! If you are a Lost fanantic and haven’t yet seen it, stop reading this now! SPOILER ALERT! The ending told the story from the eye opening beginning, and every step along the way. And the most amazing thing about it was how absolutely soaked in Jesus following it was. Yes, the whole bunch ended up in a church and were on the way the forever happily ever after, but that is not what so warmed my heart and set my mind to dancing and satisfied my soul.

What they were celebrating then was the message of the whole series. It could have ended in so many ways, but this choice, this ending, defined every episode of the epic. And it was in harmony with just what I’ve been teaching about Godstory this spring at Heartsong (the entire series on CD will be available for you to have-and give-this Sunday). It’s all about the Kingdom of God-now and then.

Yesterday I asked the flock to text (or yell out if they were not texters) how they would tell Godstory to someone who did not know it if they had only one word they could say. A lot of people said love, some said saviour, grace, amazing, awesome and a lot of other wonderful words. Here is what I would say if I had only one word to tell Godstory: relationships.

The Kingdom of God now is all about building relationships of love and trust with God and each other-each other. Maybe the relationship will be lifelong and deep, maybe it will be for a season, maybe it will be those fleeting ocassional times with folks we don’t even know, but are genuine expressions of good will. Those tastes of the Kingdom now are also foretastes of the Kingdom then-finally and forever. Everything Jesus taught about the Kingdom come is cast in the context of relationships. Build them now and they will be ours forever!

That is just the way Lost ended. It was the relationships they had with each other that lasted-that got them through life-and that carried them all the way home. Lost ended just at Godstory ends. Niether Godstory nor Jackstory, nor Sawyerstory, nor Katestory, nor the stories of any of the others we had grown to know and love ended. That is the jubilant message of Lost, and the amazing offer Jesus makes to us!

Bravo, Hollywood for putting that Jesus infused message out to the world. Or did Cuse and Lindehoff sneak up on you? Either way God is glorified. I wonder if anyone will make it home to the Kingdom now and then because of that graceful retelling of the gospel of Jesus? I was surprised at the brave and true ending of the show, but I wouldn’t be surprised that if it helped someone find their way. Would you?


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