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Who new?

2 Jun

Today I’m impressed with how the Lord makes everything new. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, in Jesus-with him-we become new creatures. This is not a once and done thing, but an ongoing dynamic. I did a search on the word “new” in the NEW Testament, and it is used a lot! Every second is new, every new soul on this earth is. The gospel continues to fall new on every new ear that hears it, and it falls new on the ears of everyone who has heard it before, because both they and the Lord are in a new place-a new situation with new people being called to respond in new ways.

Do you remember where in Godstory Jesus says, “I make all things new?” It’s at the “end”-at the inauguration of the Kindgom come. Even then Jesus is talking about everything being new. And I don’t think the newness comes to an end with that pronouncement. I believe he is setting the course for then on. Forever new.

I’m sure it makes some tired to think of ongoing and constant new. I’m sure there are days and times when I would be in that number. But for the most part it is the new that keeps me fresh and hot on the trail of Jesus. Don’t give me that old time anything. I want to always be where he is.

And isn’t it interesting that those we are trying to reach for Christ’s sake are people who thrive on the new? Sounds like a great opening for those of us who follow the One who continually makes all things new. What people may think they want is the next new piece of technology or the next new “star” to follow, but what they are really wanting deep down is a new relationship with the One who continually makes all things new. With a new heart and new mind and new soul following him, “new” takes on a whole new meaning, a whole new value, a whole new direction. And the new life that will open up to them as a result of us stepping up and making the most of every new opportunity to link them with him will soon and forever have them and us saying, “who knew?”