Where ya been?

16 Jul

If you have been visiting this blog now and then that is a question I’m sure you have for me. I really intended to post regularly (for me that means 2 or 3 times a week), but life and time have taken me out of my game. The problem was vacation. I had a great time, but ever since then I’ve been out of my rhythm. Seems like I’m in a basic Steve Stone summer mode. I used to think that summers were for unstructured lay back and take it easier living. Don’t know what happened to that! Summers for me (especially this one) have been frenetic and all over the place. And hot! I’m living now for that first cool day-and for school to get started again.
Now it’s true I don’t have any school age children and don’t go to school myself (in fact, if you ever hear that I am ever again taking a course for credit please come and hit me in the back of the head with a shovel!). However it seems to me that when school starts back our whole culture gets into a more disciplined rhythm. I am longing for that rhythm.
I’m wondering if what is going on with me might be going on with you. Where you been? I sure am missing more than a few of you in the celebrations from Sunday to Sunday. I know that when school starts back many who have been caught in the undertow of summer will be back, but I sure don’t want to wait that long to see YOU again! ;>)
I hope you are missing me and all the Heartsong flock as much as we are missing you. Get your hinnie back in here as soon as you possibly can. To tell the truth my regular dose of the Jesus following happiness we share at Heartsong is the only thing keeping me human during this crazy summer. It might work for you too. Shoot, I know it would.


One Response to “Where ya been?”

  1. stevestonesr February 24, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    Hey Theresa, We take our stand as 100% followers of Jesus on the bible, especially the teaching, life, death, resurrection of Jesus and the ongoing witness of the Holy Spirit. What we did with our Musim neighbors and with everyone whose paths we have ever crossed or ever will is bear a witness to Jesus by the way we love them. He said we would be recognized as his disciples by our love for one another, not by our purity of religion. In fact, Jesus came to put a dagger in the heart of all religion and lead all people to their own one in a zillion relationship of love and trust with God. That is the only agenda Heartsong had ever had or ever will-dong whatever we can to help as many as we can make it home safely and joyfully to Jesus and his tribe. Jesus is not dishonored by what we are doing. He is the power in what we are doing. He knows it, and someday you will too. Until then, the Lord bless you richly and deeply with all the love you need to faithfully follow him.

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