VBS, oh yes!

26 Jul

Vacation Bible School at Heartsong starts in 32 minutes! What an opportunity! Did I ever tell you about the time I got kicked out of VBS? I was just a youngster, but I noticed a puzzling fact in the bible story we were studying. It was about Adam and Eve and their children. I raised my hand (I’m sure the teacher trembled because I could be a trouble maker even then!). But my sincere question was: if Adam and Eve were the only two people, and they had all sons where did everybody else come from? She flushed deeply, immediately called me a trouble maker (true, but not in that instance), and kicked me out of class. It traumatized me. Really, I thought it was funny. The truth is she was unable to deal with my question, not that my question was causing trouble. But I guess in that system of absolute literal translation no matter the type of literature or the purpose it is trying to serve it would have thrown most anyone a curve.

That experience only made me more inquisitive about the bible. Thank God I was taught a deeper understanding of the bible that allowed me to have a great answer for that question myself. Do you have a great answer for that question or would you have had to throw me out too? Coming in just a few weeks at Heartsong is a new series called Best Text Ever: God’s New Message For Generation Now. It will be six weeks in and about the bible. If you hang in there with the messages and get into a growth group where you will have time to grow deeper and wider with them, you will find your own great answer to that and many other questions. It all starts September 5.

Until then, we won’t be throwing any young’uns out of VBS. We will take all their questions and smile. And if there are any the teachers can’t answer I’m sure they will say, “Ask Brother Steve that one.” And I will give them an answer even if I have to make one up. ;>)

Got to hurry off to the opening assembly now. Sure don’t want to miss that weak red coolaid and those tiny butter cookies with the hole in the middle. Just kidding! Our treats will be far superior to the ones I got served. And though I deeply appreciate the woman who threw me out for giving her time to try and help me, so will the quality of what we teach for Christ’s sake. Thanks be to God!

Pray for all those who come to and teach VBS this week that something will be said and/or heard that will spark a love for God in those children that will help both them and their families find their way home to Jesus and his tribe!


2 Responses to “VBS, oh yes!”

  1. RODNEY KNOLTON July 27, 2010 at 3:51 am #

    I hope everyone had a great first night at VBS!!! By the way, I used to love the red dye #2 koolaid (never sweet enough!) and the butter cookies we’d get! As well as making tree log planters out of old coffee cans (still metal then)and trying to bring as many “frans” as possible to win the little white bible that never got opened again after that first night! Yes, I was raised in a baptist church!!! I hope the rain didn’t interfere with anyone’s fun! Have a great week!

  2. Linda Rudder August 7, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    GOD is a multiplier! He multiplies us in life, character, blessings, love, desires, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, relationship, worth, prosperity, patience, kindness, on and on; ad infinitum (without limit)

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