Don’t mess around with Jesus

6 Aug

Last Sunday at Heartsong we talked about that part in my bible that was labled, “The Cost of Following Jesus” and I said I would lable it (if only they would let me), “How To Find Your Specfic Purpose In Life”. We all share the same general deep and wide purpose in life-to give and receive love-which comes out of our created identity (i.e. who we are). If you don’t know who you are I will let you know right now. You are a daughter or son of God-that is who you are-that is your chosen by God identity.

Of course to actually enjoy life that way, we have to choose God back. The way God has provided for us to do that is to get to know, learn to love and spend life with Jesus. It is in doing that we each find our one in a zillion specific purpose in life. My purpose and yours is to give and recieve love, but just how is Steve (or you) supposed to do that in this moment, with this one in this situation? That is not a science, but an art. And the art is learned by continually following Jesus and letting him guide us into every now-specifically.

The bible passage I was drawn to that spoke to that (which in the DRSSV* I call, “How To Find Your Specific Purpose In Life”) is Luke 9:57-62. Read that in whatever version you desire. Here is the DRSSV of it: vs. 58- “If you follow me you will not put down roots, stake a claim, won’t retire-won’t in any way settle into a way of thinking or being. vs. 60- “My deal is not with your parents, not with your spouse, not with your children or grandchildren or boss or country. My deal is with you for the unfolding of your specific life purpose.” vs. 62-“If you want to follow me-follow me now. Everytime you don’t is a missed opportunity-some of why you were sent to earth passing you by.”

It is in saying “yes” to the Lord Jesus that every specific life purpose unfolds-a day at a time-a situation at a time-a person at a time-all the time. Live it UP!

*DRSSV- Daily Revised Steve Stone Version


One Response to “Don’t mess around with Jesus”

  1. RODNEY KNOLTON August 9, 2010 at 11:40 pm #

    A contemporary Christian singer from Atlanta (who regularly attends BigStuf every year) by the name of Chrystina Lloree Fincher once told me that my specific purpose in life (my Heartsong!) was giving inspiration & encouragement to others. She didn’t mean that “I” was the inspiration, but that I chose to encourage others (as I had her) and offer the inspiration I find in music & videos offered on YouTube & MySpace to help others reach their own Heartsongs. Here are two links to videos that are a prime example of what she meant. I had nothing to do with either video…I just want to share them and hope they move you as much as they have me.

    If you enjoy these and want to see more, go to my MySpace page I set up to honor our church. Here’s the link…


    Rodney Knolton

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