Christmas Invitations

23 Dec

Today I’m pondering the importance of just who God included among those who recieved invitations to witness the birth of God on this earth. Joseph the orthodox religious, Mary the pregnant teenager, simple (and many thought simpleton) livestock keepers, geeky and high tech (for their day) and “out there” religiously foreigners (read pagans), syphlitic paranoid Herod, all his court and actually all of Jerusalem (which was full of disparate one in a zillions). And the Lord continues to invite to witness his birth on this earth all who open their ears and hearts and souls to the truth that God got specific in one Jesus of Nazareth; that God came to this earth in flesh and blood to show us how to live and to offer us salvation, which is not the saying of some magic words, but the acceptance of an ongoing relationship of love and trust with Jesus and all those who spend their lives following him. The Lord continues to invite all who will to witness his birth, his life, his death and resurrection, and ongoing presence with, in and through us. It’s just that now it’s not a star that lights the way, that serves as the invitation to the now and forever Christmas. It’s you and me-Jesus follower. It’s you and me-or crucial invitations never make it to the intended dear ones. May each of us now, in the new year, and until we take our last breath on this beautiful blue marble, who treasure our relationship of love and trust with Jesus and his tribe consciously and continually be the invitation of God to a right now and ongoing Christmas for all whose paths we “cross”.


One Response to “Christmas Invitations”

  1. Tommy Cates December 23, 2010 at 4:56 pm #

    God does everything in His time and for his purpose. Everything that we envision as purposeful according to human philosophy goes out the window with God in charge. This encourages us to be more open to His will and not ours. Our humility is the key to a relationship with God.

    Witnessing his birth in this simple manner should remind us that we are to approach God and the Christ Child as to simply worship. Looking forward to a wonderful service in our church tomorrow evening and then the quiet and peace of snow on Christmas morning.

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