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Amazing. Grace.

23 Jun

It continues to amaze me how our love for our Muslim neighbors just keeps sending out ripples across the country and the world. Just this week I was interviewed by an author who is writing about Christian/Muslim relations, and he wanted to tell our story as an example of tolerance and interfaith cooperation. Then I got notified that I (as a representative of Heartsong) have been chosen by the Facing History and Ourselves project to be one of 24 Upholders whose picture and story will be part of the national exhibit when it comes to Memphis on September 11. This morning I got an email from someone that was supercilious and pedantic in tone scolding me for our act of love and acceptance.
Why is it so hard for some people to realize that all we ever do as Heartsong is love and accept people? We do that without regard for what they believe or what they may have done or how they are living. Our belief is that if we love them as Jesus teaches us to do, he will work on their hearts and minds and souls to lead them to wherever they need to be in their lives. It’s all about grace-the all out love of God for us-intensely,actively, specifically, delivered personally by the Holy Spirit. That is God’s attitude toward us and it is to be our attitude toward all others-all the time-as all costs.
If you see standing with true American Muslims as a civil rights issue, comfort yourself that you would have been on the right side of history in the US in the 60’s and in Germany in the 40’s. If you see it as a matter of faith-you stand with Jesus.