Welcome to the table

6 Sep

Hey All you Heartsong faithful! I guess if there is going to be a “Steve’s blog” button on the table I need to blog something more often than once a year. Honestly, I set out to be a frequent blogger, but find myself getting caught up in so much “tyranny of the urgent” that I don’t get to it as much as I want to. And then there is the issue of me (occasionally) saying something provocative and before you know it folks are taking off on what I’ve (innocently-ha!) said and I totally lose control of the discussion. But actually I do like to stir things up. What I like to stir are ideas and “facts” that are taken for granted as central to the “Christian” life when in fact they have no biblical basis-no grounding in the life and teaching of Jesus. I’m his man. Though I find other purposes in life, none of them are as important as following him and all of the other purposes I have are not worth having unless they are a subset of following him. That goes for parenting, grandparenting, being a good life partner to Mary or anything else. That’s enough for now. I’ll try to check in more than once a year. :>)


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