Making the world bigger

13 Sep

Wednesday morning I, along with my good friend Yasir Qadhi, were interviewed on the Eye on Memphis radio show hosted by Lexie Carter and Cheri DelBrocco on KWAM, 990 in Memphis. Of course, we shared a lot with them about the loving relationship between Heartsong and the Memphis Islamic Center. I didn’t know Yasir was part of the interview until he walked in the door. What a joy! Our time on the program was scheduled weeks ago, and it was only on the drive to the station that I learned what had happened at the embassy in Libya. We both shared our views about everything asked, and while I was thinking of my answers and waiting my turn to speak I was also struck by the vast wealth of knowledge, deep understanding and creative way of expression possessed by Sheik Qadhi. I was both teacher and student, and as a student I was fascinated by what Yasir was saying and how he was saying it. And I found myself being deeply grateful to God for nudging me out of my comfort zone-really out of being paralyzed by fear and ignorance to reach out a hand of neighborly love to our Muslim neighbors next door at MIC. Had I not, my experience of this life would have been much poorer, much more narrow in understanding, and I would have missed knowing so many wonderful generous kind and loving people. My world would have been much more provincial; much more parochial; much smaller. My world will never be as vast and wonderful and deep and wide as the actual world. But never do I, nor you, have to settle for keeping our world the size it already is. God is ever ready to introduce us to new people with new ways and new ideas that will expand our world. All we have to do is smile, say a word of greeting, reach out a hand-and watch and listen, learn and grow.


2 Responses to “Making the world bigger”

  1. Missi October 4, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    Your friend Yasir might be a wonderful moslem friend, however, do ask him why he doesn’t follow his koran in sura 5:51 “O ye who believe take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another.” Is he willing to abrogate (as his alla did w. other suras) this verse and sura 9:30 “….the Jews say EZRA? is the son of alla and the Christians say ISA (supposedly Chirst, “Yasou” in arab.) is the Son of alla….” and the sura that denies that this Isa was crucified and died……..aren’t these insults and untruth abt our faith. Yasir, being a decent person is better than Islams alla akbar (alla greater than…?) and definitely better than mohamad who @ 54 marries 6 yr old Aisha, molests her until she’s 9 then rapes her….that’s besides his killings, his 66 women harem, 13 wives (9 @ one time) etc. DON’T BE PARALYZED by fear (of being politically correct) and know more about this cult that insists on being a religion of peace (yet, with the most terror that’s based on the teachings of their hate-filled book. I URGE YOU TO DO WHAT OUR LOVING GOD TOLD US TO DO – WITNESS TO HIM – EXPLAIN TO HIM THAT WE DO NOT WORSHIP 3 GODS AS HIS KORAN LIED AND TOLD HIM. MAY GOD GUIDE YOU TO SAVE THE SOUL OF YASIR AND MAYBE OTHER MISGUIDED SOULs. CHRIST IS THE TRUTH. HE SAID IT IS FINISHED and also said beware of all false prophet that will come after ME.

    • stevestonesr October 4, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

      Hey Missi. I am secure in my faith in Jesus as God in flesh and blood living with, in and through me, and have no need to have another be just like me in order to offer the hand of friendship to them. I think the way I live and love makes Jesus proud. I also believe that the vitriol you throw into a conversation about being loving and kind and having an open heart and mind makes Jesus pull his hair out.

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