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The Lord’s Prayer (not the one you think)

19 Nov

Yesterday as the Heartsong tribe gathered for celebration, we spent time and heart hearing the Lord pray for us (John 17). What an amazing concept-that the Lord of the universe, to whom prayer of just pure praise is due from us with every word we ever speak, would pray for us-for you. And what a prayer! The most humbling and awe inspiring parts of it are when we get to overhear what he says to our Daddy about us. He says we bring him glory. How can that be possible? He says he sends us out into the world just as our Daddy sent him into the world. Just as? He prays that we would be one just as he and our Daddy are one. Just as? Jesus says he wants us to “see”, that is know to the depths of our being that our Daddy loves us as much as our Daddy loves him. As much as?

I don’t know about you, but what Jesus says about me and prays for me is too much for my feeble mind and dark heart and tainted soul to take in. It overwhelms me, dwarfs me, humbles me utterly and inspires me fiercely! I can’t take it in. What I do take in staggers me. I can’t take it in. The only hope I have is to by God live it out-to fake it until I make it-to keep at it until there is nothing left to me. My singular allegiance is to Jesus; any other allegiance is ancillary to that. Yes, I take it personally; I take Jesus personally. To take him any other way is not to really take him at all. It is only to be merely taken with him.