Far More Extraordiary

6 May

Yesterday Jathaniel began to lay out what we are hearing from the Lord as we move from Seeing 2020 to being 2020. For those who have not heard, since last September the Heartsong tribe of Jesus followers has been asking the Lord “what’s next?”. We are fifteen years into this experiment in practical Jesus following-this adventure of a lifetime, and want to know where the Lord wants to lead us between now and the year 2020.

As we prepared to hear “what’s next?” from Jesus we put on our Jesus glasses (i.e. chose to see the world as he does), grabbed our towel and basin (because whatever he says to us will be all about serving others), and took to heart again that the love he call us to is beyond mere thoughts and feelings: for Jesus love does.

The first part of what we “saw” yesterday is that the Lord wants us to know that the culture he has built into us is foundational to everything else that’s next for us. The Lord has led us to be clear about why we exist, what we do and how we do it. He has formed us around five core beliefs and the 3G way of following him and given us the nine tenets of the Jesus centered life to keep us close to him and on task for the sake of his cause.

None of that will change. What will change-what will have to change for us to do all of “what’s next” is the dedication of each one of us and all of us together to live out together, and to share this Heartsong culture-the Heartsong way of following him. Everything else he is calling us to do between now and 2020 depends on us growing deeper in our commitment, deeper in our investment in this tribe, and wider in reaching out to our FRANS (friends, relatives, associates, neighbors and strangers whose paths we cross).

What we will be sharing in the next two weeks is exciting! It shows the confidence the Lord has in us to play our part in God’s ongoing story. And to get to that exciting rest of our story, will require us pouring our lives into making this tribe as strong as possible. We will need to grow in every way a tribe can grow to be able to take on all of what the Lord is saying to us about being 2020.

It is beyond the power of each of us to do what we will need to do to be faithful to “what’s next” for Heartsong. All I can do is give my best time, energy, creativity and resources to it. All you can do is give your best. But you know what? If you and I do that, if all of us give our best to this tribal effort by reaching out, showing up, joining up and showing out, the Lord will make what we see in 2020 be in 2020.

What’s next for us by God is a God sized next. It will require the power of God working through ordinary people like you and me for it to happen. But that is just how anything wonderful and world changing ever happens-by God! It happens when ordinary people invest their lives together in the cause of the Almighty God. I would love to be a part of the Lord doing something far more extraordinary through Heartsong than the extraordinary things we have already done for Christ’s sake! If there are enough of the Heartsong faithful who share that desire (and God only knows how many of us are needed for that critical mass), we will look back on these days as the time we began to take joyful responsibility for being the grown up church the Lord had in mind when he said: let there be Heartsong!

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