Can you feel the mountains tremble?

13 May

The first thing we heard from the Lord in this several month discernment process we have been calling Seeing 2020 is that he has crafted us over the years to be just the reflection of him he wants us to be. Loud and clear we heard from the tribe, the council, the senior leadership team, team leaders and some of our friends from the community at large that the heart of Heartsong is just who the Lord needs us to be. That doesn’t mean that we individually have grown to full maturity, or that we as a tribe have. What it does mean is that why we exist, what we do, how we do it, our five core beliefs and the Jesus centered life are all gifts to us to be shared with as many as we can influence for Christ’s sake. As we all go deeper in our personal relationship of love and trust with Jesus and each other, and as we go wide in sharing that same kind of living with all in our sphere of influence whose lives are not working as they would if they were spending life according to the teaching of Jesus, we will continue to be this particular and peculiar Jesus following, grateful recovering tribe of knotheads, hotheads, potheads, sots and assorted nuts, ever including all those we are able to reach who do not think they fit in any of those categories and as such, are in denial. We will continue to be about the Lord’s work and only his work. As we have done the past fifteen years, everything we will ever do-everything will be a witness to the life, teaching, death, resurrection and ongoing life of Jesus among us, in us and living through us. Whew! We are so grateful to know the Lord wants us to be who we are! And that was only week one!!!

Yesterday, Jathaniel laid out the second big part of what we are hearing from the Lord in response to our question to him: What’s next? It’s not flashy. No big buildings or capital campaigns in this part, and I know you are disappointed we are not launching a three year capital campaign right now! ;>). What we heard across the board loud and clear from “us” is that the Lord wants us to roll up our sleeves, abandon our comfort zones and make some new relationships. We are being called to a deeper influence in this community for Christ’s sake! Quite frankly, it was a surprise to me how deeply you felt the Lord nudging us to be involved in bringing light and love to the pervasive problems that divide us and demean us and threaten to destroy us as a community. And you have heard the Lord say that we need to develop strategic partnerships with those in the community who are doing the work of community and individual uplift. And what we are called by God to do is bring our faith and hope to bear in ways that may not eradicate these massive issues, but in ways that save one and maybe several at a time. There is no big surprise there. The Lord told his people long ago that they would be salt and yeast-maybe not changing the whole community at once, but having a growing impact on their world by doing what love does one by one, day by day.

And I will admit it was a surprise to me how strongly you feel about Friendship Park being a key part of our going deeper for Christ’s sake. I love the project personally! My belief is that it will be a world monument to friendship that makes not only our community, but the whole world a safer and more joyful place. I’m not sure what it is about the park that moves the tribe to claim it as our own, but that message came through crystal clear. This version of the body of Christ wants to extend our arms to the whole world, and offer a witness that goes beyond what might benefit us personally. As we take this to heart and live it out I believe the same thing about Heartsong that I believe about Bob Goff (“Love Does”). We, like him, will not make Jesus smile; we will make him laugh out loud!

So….. be who you are for Christ’s sake, and extend your love into the community and world in ways that make both more reflective of the Kingdom come. So far what we have heard from the Lord is not complex, and it’s not flashy. But by God, if we all give ourselves to it we will learn, and show, that complex and flashy can more than a bit overrated, if not grounded in being who we are, and being a force for good where the Lord has planted us.

And as we come up on our 15th Anniversary this Sunday, we will hear the last part of what the Lord is saying to us about Seeing 2020-about being 2020. Do you think it will be flashy and complex? Don’t be surprised if it is.


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